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Juanita Nieuwoudt

Why women make great Virtual Assistants

This month we celebrate South African women and pay homage to the strong, resilient women throughout our history that have helped to shape this nation. Without a doubt, women have certain distinctive attributes that set them apart from male counterparts and in the field of Virtual Assistants, these can be invaluable.

They are good listeners

The first thing a good VA has to accomplish is to get every brief right. An excellent Forbes survey conclusively showed that women are far superior listeners to men, which enables them to follow instructions to the letter. 

They are fiercely loyal

Due to their natural instincts as Mothers and caregivers, they tend to be very protective of those who depend on them and are, therefore, fiercely loyal to their clients. This prompts Virtual Assistants to always go the extra mile for clients too.

They are multi-tasking

Women can keep many balls in the air at once and good Virtual Assistants greatly benefit from this attribute. Add to that, attention to detail and strict adherence to schedules, good VA’s clients are seldom let down.

Virtual Assistants have a history of female ownership

Since the advent of Virtual Assistants, this has been a mostly female-owned industry and the aforementioned attributes tell you why. V-Assist, one of the pioneers of Virtual Assistants in South Africa, is proud to say we are seen by international counterparts as being amongst the best in the world.

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