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A virtual assistant is an independent contractor that offers administrative services to a company remotely.

The term “virtual assistant” emerged in the 90s to describe the burgeoning trend of virtual work.  Many companies are opting to save money on large office spaces and bloated teams, and instead are investing in flexible work arrangements and schedules. The result is a more agile and modern approach to team organization and project management.

Work SMARTER not Harder

Benefits of Working with us...

At V-Assist we help our clients to work SMARTER and not harder and make them feel like Superstar every day with their own Rockstar VA!!

Reducing Operating Costs

Virtual assistants can provide inexpensive yet invaluable services to your company, allowing your operations to reduce costs. No more staff salaries, no mor HR problemsYou only pay for the time you will need assistance.

Save Time on Initiatives and Projects

Many of the tasks undertaken by virtual assistants tend to be somewhat tactical or repetitive, such as taking notes or submitting weekly or monthly expense reports or transcribing voice notes or recordings. These tasks can take away busy business owners from more pressing issues, such as client meetings, lead generation or marketing. When business owners can delegate time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants, they can focus on the more important tasks on their agenda by working SMARTER and not harder in their business

Do what you LOVE, work in your business stress free

During the COVID19 pandemic, a lot of business owners had to start working from home. This had a tremendous impact on their wellness, and workload and left them with less time to focus on what they do best and love.  With the help of the V-Assist’s team we help them to break the endless, and exhausting “hustle cycle” of being a business owner and help them redefine, take charge, build and grow the business again without missing out on the things and people they love.

– The Virtual Assistant – “A BLESSING in your business who transforms your ideas into reality”

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WHAT sets us Apart from the rest...

The only thing better than an A-Team, is a VA-Team

Whether you need an administrative guru, a social media manager or creative support, V-Assist and our team offer expert backend office support to clients in all spheres of business.

Our diverse team of tenacious can-doers has years of combined experience in a range of fields and we are ready to take on any and every project to help a business achieve measurable growth, thrive and work SMARTER in their businesses.

Our team are proud members or VAISA (Virtual Assistants Institute of South Africa, VAASA (Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa) and RCI (Randburg Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

Delegate to a VA to ELEVATE your income”  Lois Koffi (Professional Speaker | Podcaster | Sales Trainer)


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