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What to watch for when hiring a V.A – Pricing


An article we recently wrote touched on how to ensure the Virtual Assistant you hire will give you peace of mind. It covered several things to watch out for and it emanated from a rather sad case of someone who hired the wrong V.A and was badly stung.

We promised to put out a mini-series going into more detail on what to watch for when hiring a V.A and the first of these is pricing…

Is the price right?

Unfortunately the adage of ‘if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’ is as true in our profession as it is in any other. In the case of the client who got stung they tendered for many quotes and then made the dreadful mistake of just hiring the V.A who had come in at the lowest price without finding out about the industry-standard rates.

The V.A. in question had quoted half of the rate set out by SAFREA (the association that sets pricing standards for freelancers) and just assumed they would do a good enough job, without finding out anything more about them.

A special word of caution 

To add to the woes of the smarting client, they had paid 100% upfront and therefore had no recourse when they discovered that the work was incomplete and inferior. Good, established V.A.s like V-Assist will never ask for 100% up-front and will always quote somewhere near to industry-standard rates.

We have had years to build a solid base of satisfied and loyal customers and therefore we will never be the cheapest or the most expensive, but will always give good value and go beyond our mandate to deliver exceptional work!

Contact us today to ensure your peace of mind when hiring a Virtual Assistant and watch this space for more on what to watch for when hiring a V.A!


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