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Juanita Nieuwoudt
Juanita Nieuwoudt

The wide range of services VA’s provide for start-up businesses

This month we celebrate our youth, and we are focussing on what Virtual Assistants (VA’s) do for young entrepreneurs just starting in business. We have spoken about getting set up and outsourcing services, but many people do not realise how extensive the wide range of services VA’s provide for start-up businesses can be.

More than just Admin

Many businesspeople mistakenly think that all Virtual Assistants provide is admin services, but while they do provide an extensive range of admin they also provide much more.

Marketing, travel, events planning, customer relations services and many more standard services for all businesses.

There are also specific professions and industries for which very versatile VA’s provide services, like the legal and medical professions, Life Coaches, Building Contractors, the motor industry, manufacturers and many more.

It is all about time 

One of the first lessons you will learn as a business owner is that time is very valuable. You need, at all times, to be working ON your business and not IN it! 

V-Assist’s motto is ‘It’s about time’ because every service we provide is aimed at achieving this goal.

Contact us to learn more – because this short article can’t even begin to reveal how wide the range of services VA’s provide for start-up businesses can be!

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