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Successful sales strategies in a virtual world – build relationships


Many businesses feel they have lost their edge regarding sales, especially since the pandemic hit and they have had to do business differently.  Well, there are some differences in how we need to operate and conduct sales in a virtual world, but some age-old sales techniques also still prevail.

Don’t sell – build relationships

One of the biggest changes in recent years is the switch from old school sales techniques, to utilising social media and networking in general to build relationships with potential clients. The sales will naturally follow. 

What hasn’t changed is that we still need to understand the needs and wants of the person with whom we are dealing and always sell the dream – not just the product or service.

Essential needs are the motivation for many sales, but people prefer to buy from someone they feel they can relate to and trust.

Get the best online assistance

Because we now operate largely in a virtual world it simply makes sense to outsource the services of those who are well versed in this space and can offer you the most assistance with the least hassle.

V-Assist do exactly that, so talk to us about our wide range of services, including everything you need to create successful sale strategies in a virtual world! 


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