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Ensure your Virtual Assistant will give you PEACE of mind


We recently heard about the case of someone who needed a copy typing job done and they sought the help of a Virtual Assistant.  It was their first attempt to use a VA and sadly it did not turn out well.  This was not because Virtual Assistants are not good at what they do but simply because this business owner chose the wrong one for the job.

This got us to thinking it would be a good idea to give all people in business a yardstick, as it were, of exactly how you can ensure your Virtual Assistant will give you PEACE of mind. The word PEACE is emphasised as it is an anagram for the 5 things you should always look out for….

P is for Pricing

The client in question, in the aforementioned example, made the first mistake by getting a few quotes, then without investigating any further, simply hiring the VA with the lowest price! The quoted price was in fact half of the standard going rate, so alarm bells should have rung then already.

SAFREA, the association that sets pricing standards for rates of freelances have set out rates for many VA services and these should be used as an average of what our rates should be.  There is more to watch out for in terms of pricing though, so watch this space for our later blogs which unpack this in more detail.

E is for Expertise

When you hire a permanent employee, you always ensure they are the right people for the job, so why not check this when hiring a Virtual Assistant?  We save businesses huge costs and the headaches of hiring permanent staff, but only if the VA you hire is qualified and has some examples of previous work to show!

A is for Accountability

VA’s that are accountable for their work, will always only take on what they know they can handle properly! We would soon be out of business if we had to mess up like the person in our example did and have to keep doing work over again!  This does not help the client anyway if there is a deadline to meet, as there was in this case.

C is for credibility

Unfortunately, the business that hired the VA that messed up was under the misapprehension that because they happened to belong to a Facebook group of VA’s that they were credible.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the only way you can be sure of the credibility of a VA is to know that they have been in business for some time and can show good testimonials.

E is for everything that V-Assist can prove to you!

V- Assist tick all these boxes and have been successfully servicing and growing a satisfied and loyal clientele for many years now.  We can be trusted to serve you well as we are not just capable of, but experts in a wide range of services, and so well connected in the virtual realm that we can always source exactly the right services that you may need.

If you want to ensure your Virtual Assistant will give you PEACE of mind – then Contact us today and start to enjoy the RELIABLE service that we always provide.

V-Assist – Finding real solutions in a virtual world!

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