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Change your mindset to grow your business in 2022

As we draw near the end of another year and stand on the threshold of 2022, many business owners will be taking stock of the year gone by and looking for ways to improve their businesses in the coming year.

We have, for the last 2 years, had to face an unprecedented scenario of a viral pandemic that caught everybody unawares, greatly damaged the economy and has seen many business owners from SMEs to large corporates have to entirely alter their working structures to survive. Based on the emergence of the fourth wave now, this looks like it may be with us for some time to come.

Unfortunately, many of the smaller business owners have already thrown up their hands in despair and some have even succumbed to the pressure and their businesses are no more. The ones who have survived have either had the reserve resources to do so, or they have, like the great palm tree, understood the principle of bending with the wind in a storm. 

Realising that they need to adapt rather than die and by rethinking the way they do business many have still grown and prospered. These are the ones who know, as we face another year with possibly just as much turmoil and tribulation, that you simply need to change your mindset to grow your business in 2022!

Think Virtually

We are now operating very much more in a virtual world. With more business owners and employees of large businesses operating from home and therefore online than ever before, it is clear that we need to embrace the virtual realm. We need to look for more opportunities within this realm and stop thinking about the way things used to be. 

We can embrace the technologies available to us to hold meetings and even large events online, to start new e-commerce businesses and to work with people well versed in this virtual realm, like Virtual Assistants.

Think cost-efficiency 

Instead of complaining about working from home let’s think of their cost savings that can be done by doing so – and even continue to do so when the pandemic has passed. Shrinking income can be amortised by savings on petrol (the price of which is now running rampant!), entertaining and travel costs in general. Office space rentals can be extremely expensive as opposed to investing in your own home and creating good offices where you live. 

Think outsourcing 

Large, and especially small businesses throughout the world are turning to outsourced services as opposed to hiring permanent employees. Huge savings can be made by hiring a Virtual Assistant for example (one of the most popular and fastest-growing outsourced services) on permanent staff costs like recruiting, training and leave pay, to name just a few. 

Think V.A!

It stands to reason therefore that Virtual Assistants can play a pretty crucial role in assisting you to change your mindset to grow your business in 2022! V-Assist has been operating in the Virtual space for many years and bring not only experience and expertise to the table but a wide range of services, so that once you engage our services you seldom have to look any further to find all your outsourcing requirements.

Contact us today to ensure you’ll be working smarter in 2022! 

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