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Build a better business through outsourcing and online networking

Since the advent of COVID-19, the world has seen some pretty significant changes in the way that businesses are operating. More staff and SMEs are working from home and this has prompted operating business in a more virtual world.

There are some great advantages to this, and this article talks about two of the most significant changes that have taken place in recent years that could greatly benefit your business – these are outsourcing and online networking.

Why outsourcing?

As a matter of necessity, many businesses had to make certain employees redundant during the past year or so but as things normalised have taken to outsourcing services rather than re-employ permanent staff.

They have since discovered the numerous benefits to outsourcing, such as utilising services that enable them to focus on their core business, like Virtual Assistants. They have found that saving the costs of hiring, training and the benefits that are given to permanent employees have enabled better growth for their businesses because these funds can be deployed elsewhere like required stock or equipment – or into more marketing. This is just the tip of the iceberg and the list goes on…

Why online networking?

Simply put, the way that businesses sell themselves or their products has, due to the very nature of social media, radically changed. As it has always been to do business you need to build networks, but these have become online networks like LinkedIn and Facebook just as 2 examples and when operating within these networks hard selling is greatly frowned upon.

Online networking is about establishing contact, building a relationship with the connection and then through articles and posts offering advice on what people want to know and insights into how your business operates. This builds trust and ultimately drives people to your website, the front face of your business and where the real transactions take place. Operating like this can also be a great boost to your business.

V-Assist – an outsourcing and networking 1-stop-shop!

As aforementioned, one of the most outsourced services is Virtual Assistants. The reasons for this are first because a good VA service like V-Assist is already well versed in the virtual business realm and therefore has built an impressive online network, which can be of great benefit to our clients. 

Secondly, because we offer every outsourced service you need, or will outsource the right service for you, you need never go to any other outsourced service – just us.

Contact us today and you’ll be amazed at our huge range of services and the many ways we help you to build a better business through outsourcing and online networking!

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