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A great VA could be the wind beneath Cupid’s wings
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Juanita Nieuwoudt

A great VA could be the wind beneath Cupid’s wings

Yes, it’s that special time of year again when many people’s attention turns towards matters of the heart! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and men and women everywhere will be popping the question and hoping to start a new life together with the one they love.

Along with this new life often comes the beginnings of exciting new things. A family perhaps? A business? – or maybe you’ll decide to go into business together. Whatever you choose – as a stay home Mom or Dad with a lot of chores on your plate, or an Entrepreneur building a legacy for your family’s future, you will find the help of a Virtual Assistant invaluable – especially when just starting out, as this is when you really need professional help.

Our somewhat mysterious title may not be a tongue in cheek as it looks, as a great VA really could be the wind beneath cupid’s wings – and of course yours!

The 4 cornerstones of building a new business

Our blog series this month is going to centre around four vitally important cornerstones of building a new business. In essence, the areas where VAs assist start-ups are…

1.  Starting your business – Every business has to start somewhere. There is a myriad of documentation, compliances, regulations, licences and much more that need to be sourced, perused, considered and decided upon. Remember that professional VAs like V-Assist are themselves Entrepreneurs who had to start somewhere so let us guide you and assist you to get set up correctly.

2. Running your business – In the beginning, it is highly unlikely (and not the best choice to make) that you can immediately hire permanent staff to perform the services you need to run your business. You don’t know how much work they are going to need to do, so you may be wasting money and you certainly don’t need the headaches of finding and onboarding people when you are still finding your way. It is better to outsource these people and V-Assist have a huge range of services to cover pretty much everything a start-up business will need.

3. Building your business – One of the biggest areas of failure in start-up businesses is the owner burning out due to overwork in the belief that you need to do it all yourself in the beginning. This is a myth and often a fatal one. At a very reasonable charge, experts like V-Assist are working for less on an hourly basis than what your time is worth to be building your business. Hence our motto ‘It’s about time!’

4. Saving you money and expanding your business – As we will show you, V-Assist will actually save you money as opposed to being a cost factor and with the already established network of businesses that we serve, we can introduce you to a wide range of potential clients to assist you to grow from day one!

Watch this space for our blogs this month as we unpack all this – and talk to us – you will be surprised how fast you can get your business up and running, building and expanding with a little help from the business assistance experts – V-Assist!  

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