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The 4 cornerstones of building a new business – management and staff

There are many ways VAs can assist start-up businesses to get up and running, growing, and expanding.  Starting a business with someone is like starting to date and it can be stressful in the beginning, and we are advising on the 4 cornerstones of building a new business. 

Once your business is up and going you need to make one of the most important decisions facing any new business owner – who will be a part of it and what roles will they play?  It is said that the most difficult thing about starting a new business is ensuring that you don’t grow too fast – and this involves both the services you offer and your staffing complement.

These 2 aspects of your business have to grow in tandem with each other and one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t take on a larger staff compliment than you are safely able to handle is to outsource other services. 


Even if you hit the ground running, you might take on staff permanently only to find that things suddenly slow down (as they often do in business).  You don’t know how much work they are going to need to do, so you may be wasting money and you certainly don’t need the headaches of finding and onboarding people when you are still finding your way. 

By the same token, you certainly don’t want to be short-staffed and have that stunt your growth either, so It is better to outsource these people.  One typical example of this is people who handle the day to day running of the business.  Many new business owners suddenly find they are spending all their time handling this and not going out to develop the business and provide the service that they promised.

Let a VA run it while you grow it!

V-Assist has a huge range of services to cover pretty much everything a start-up business will need so you can confidently focus on working on your business instead of in it! 

Watch this space to see what all 4 cornerstones of building a business entail – and contact us to ensure that you will be covering them all – with a little help from your friends – V-Assist! 

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