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Your financial blueprint for 2021 – Savings

This mini-series talks about how businesses can take advantage of the things that will change this year due to the pandemic’s effects in 2020. These savings could be a big part of your financial blueprint for 2021 – and here are just a few of them.

Work from home savings

Many businesses have now chosen to have more people work permanently work from home, and this can be one of the main savings areas in any budget. You can cut overheads now by cutting costs on petrol allowances; time wasted travelling and obviously once existing leases expire – by paying far less for office space.

Sure this depends on the nature of the business, but even retailers and services people like Plumbers and Electricians have learned due to the lockdown, where they can save – like on holding virtual consultations and meetings.

Cut costs with V.As

Another of the most significant cost savings can be streamlining permanent staff and outsourcing professional capable Virtual Assistants to do the things you don’t have time to do. With our motto ‘It’s about time,’ V-Assist knows that saving you time is the most significant way to cut costs, so talk to us today and let’s start making this your most profitable year yet!


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