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Your Financial Blueprint for 2021 – Save from Outsourced Services

In this mini-series, we have been advising on how you can review your financial blueprint in 2021 to benefit from the operational changes we needed to make last year. This week we look at saving from outsourced services.

More businesses will outsource in 2021

Already an international trend, outsourcing has become even more prevalent since the advent of the pandemic. Many managers forced to cut permanent staff began to outsource Virtual Assistants for admin and found that some were even a one-stop-shop for all outsourced services.

Most importantly though businesses are finding that they are making significant savings from hiring Virtual Assistants. Some of the savings:

  • Permanent Employee benefits – savings on bonuses, sick leave and holidays etc. Virtual Assistants are paid only for each job they execute.

  • Permanent employee costs – the cost of sourcing, training and keeping permanent staff motivated with conferences and events.

  • Better production and service quality – due to the more solid commitment of an outsourced service to deliver.

A versatile team

V-Assist is one of the pioneers of Virtual Assistant services in South Africa and now have a formidable team offering a plethora of varied services for a multitude of businesses, professionals and organisations.

Contact us to find out how you can save from outsourced services – and greatly improve your bottom line in 2021!


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