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You don’t need to change your brand to refresh your business

Many people make the mistake of thinking that to refresh your business you need to rebrand it all together, which is not the case. Coca Cola is constantly refreshing its look and feel without ever losing the essence of the brand.

Many businesses, now that we are moving into a more virtual realm and doing business differently, are realising that the look of their logo or website may be dated and out of touch.

They are reluctant, however, to refresh because they feel they have gained recognition and built a good business. Well, you can make some significant changes without actually changing the name or basic logo of the business.

Why should you do it?

Simply put, you can’t be a trendsetter without being trendy. If your business promises that it’s in touch with the latest technologies and trends but looks like it is still living in the last century it unlikely to gain any new clients.

Just as we do need to be constantly re-inventing our business, we also need a bit of a makeover from time to time. This is a very big subject but in essence, we need to do this in 2 ways…

Update your look and feel 

The visual impact of a website, a business card (now mostly virtual) or an email signature is important in terms of making the right statement. This is all about choosing appropriate colours and fonts and incorporating design elements that are trendy and compliment your business. Some professional Designers can update your look and feel without changing the essence of your existing logo or the basic approach of your website.

Update your message  

Is your business still living in a time when your website content simply told people who you are and what you do? This is not the way of business today. Nobody really cares about that. They want to know how it benefits them to choose to interact and build a relationship with your business. Blame social media, but it’s true. 

Virtual is the new reality

V-Assist, already well versed with the virtual world after many years of operating within it, can help you with our vast range of services and extensive virtual network to make your business thrive in the virtual business world of today.

We ourselves are currently refreshing our business and our website – so watch this space!

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