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Work smarter to work better in 2022 – Posture and positioning

Our blog series this month is aimed at assisting all our clients – and fellow VA’s for that matter – to work smarter to work better in 2022.  In our articles, we talk about how we all start the year with such enthusiasm and burn out so quickly and this is primarily due to 5 things.

In this blog, we focus on just 2 of them and these are the importance of good posture and positioning as you work at your desk, (as most office workers do spend the entire day doing just that) and of getting the right help for your business.


Are you suffering from back pain, hip pain, sore feet, swollen ankles, mental fatigue, eye strain and incessant headaches, dizziness when working, or rising from the computer? The list can go on and on of other ailments and aches. These are all potential symptoms of poor posture as you sit and work, or the wrong furniture – or poor positioning of the desk or computer.

It is essential that you have an ergonomically designed chair that gives the correct back support to maintain good posture at all times whilst working. If the chair and the desk are at the right height, your eyes should be directly in line with the computer screen and your knees 90 degrees to the floor. You should be leaning slightly backwards when working and never hunched up leaning forward. 

This will also mean that your computer screen height is correct and should be raised fairly well above your keyboard. Other factors too, like good ventilation, lighting, etc all come into play and make sure you are never looking into direct light, or glare, or squinting your eyes for any reason.


Don’t try to do what is too much for you or not in your line of expertise. This is one of the quickest ways to ensure a small business will fail. 

V-Assist has a wide range of services, and you need only contact us to start working smarter to work better in 2022!

Stay safe – and stay virtual!

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