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Work smarter to work better in 2022 – Diet and hydration
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Juanita Nieuwoudt

Work smarter to work better in 2022 – Diet and hydration

In our January mini-series, we are hoping to assist our clients and fellow VA’s with ways to improve their productivity and enjoyment of their work through adopting better health habits in the workplace. 

We have looked at posture and positioning of the desk, computer, exercise and stretching. In this blog, we look at the diet and remaining hydrated as additional steps towards working smarter to work better in 2022.’

 Eat well – It is essential if you are to maintain good levels of energy throughout the day to start the day with a good breakfast, containing a good amount of protein. Then, as the day progresses, every 2 to 3 hours max have a healthy snack like fruit, nuts energy bars etc. This helps to maintain good blood sugar levels but do not eat anything sugary as this can just spike blood sugar and this leaves one experiencing a low energy level later on.

Not eating a healthy snack between meals or skipping meals can actually have adverse effects on the body. According to one dietary expert –

“The brain uses glucose to run efficiently and if there is not enough glucose for the brain to use, your body does not function at 100 percent. Low blood sugar causes people to feel irritable, confused and fatigued. The body begins to increase production of cortisol, leaving us stressed and hungry.’’ 

Stay well hydrated – Adults are recommended to drink at least 3 litres of liquids a day and at least 2 litres of this should be pure water!

Get the help you need – Most importantly, let a good Virtual Assistant like V-Assist handle the work that you do not have time for or work which is taking you away from working on building a better and bigger business.

Contact us today to find out how utilising our wide range of services can assist you to work smarter to work better in 2022.’ 

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