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Work smarter to work better in 2022 – Breaks and sleep
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Juanita Nieuwoudt

Work smarter to work better in 2022 – Breaks and sleep

In this mini-series, we have been attempting to assist our clients (and fellow VAs) with ways to improve their productivity and enjoyment of their work through adopting better health habits in the workplace. 

We have looked at posture and positioning of the desk and computer, exercise and stretching, and diet and staying well hydrated. In conclusion, we emphasise the importance of taking regular breaks and sleeping well to ensure you work smarter to work better in 2022.

Take time out – It is so important to ensure you do not work until you burn out. This is contradictory to becoming more productive as if the body is too tired to function efficiently you end up achieving nothing – and possibly losing clients and even your business. Take regular short breaks throughout the working day, take your days off, and definitely take regular vacations – it is important.

Get sufficient sleep –  Get consistently good rest in the evenings by trying to get at least 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. Good sleep habits are avoiding blue screens for at least an hour before retiring, ensuring the room is dark and quiet and doing whatever works for you to cool your body temperature down before retiring.

 It’s all about time 

Virtual Assistants understand that time is of the essence, so if time has become an issue for you enlist the help of a good VA service like V-Assist. 

Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ and we help you to save time so that you can work smarter to work better in 2022!

Talk to us about our wide range of services so that you can stop burning the candle at both ends and start enjoying the fruits of your labour – you deserve it!

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