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Why women make great Entrepreneurs – and Virtual Assistants!


This month we commemorate our Heritage Day, a time when we celebrate the diversity and the extraordinary differences between our people, which somehow when mixed in a great melting pot of skills and aptitudes, make us a strong and proud ‘Rainbow nation.’’  

For us at V-Assist, it is also a time that we are proud to be the female Entrepreneurs that we are, as we remember a time when traditional women’s roles in business were very limited and restrictive.

The changing role of women in the workplace 

As we alluded to in a recent article about Secretaries, one of the good things that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the emergence of a new breed of female Entrepreneurs, formerly women who worked in corporate entities as Secretaries, Administrators, Events co-ordinators, Recruiters, Marketers etc.

Now many of these women are their own bosses running successful businesses, not the least of which is as Virtual Assistants. We are proud that as South African’s we are for the most part encouraging and acknowledging this new breed of women because we know only too well that in many parts of the world some cultures, ethnic groups, religions etc. still frown heavily upon women working, let alone being dynamic female Entrepreneurs! 

So what are a few of the reasons why women make great Entrepreneurs – and Virtual Assistants? …

Diversity through culture – Due to our diverse culture and background, South African V.A’s and female Entrepreneurs have the ability to adapt and communicate on all levels of society. We can speak to our client’s needs, overcoming common obstacles like language barriers and ethnic differences. 

Multi-tasking – Women are natural multi-taskers, an invaluable asset to anyone in business and especially V-A.s who need to offer a wide range of services.

Caring and nurturing – through their natural caring, empathetic natures, women have a way of understanding sensitive issues in an organisation and they have a natural sense of loyalty to the businesses they serve. 

Great networkers – Women are natural networkers too. This is an asset that gives their businesses and the businesses that hire them a great advantage 

V-Assist stand strong and proud

At V-Assist we stand strong and proud, able to look male CEO’s in the eye knowing that with our acquired knowledge of business, we can be of even greater assistance to their businesses. 

We have for many years now, led the way in this predominantly Female sector and will continue to do so, offering, through our flexibility and diversity, a wider range of services every day.

Contact us today and let us see how V can Assist you!


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