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Why VA’s are much more than PA’s– The outsourced advantage

Even though Virtual Assistants (especially now with more people working virtually than ever) are now an established industry, there is still a misconception that they are just virtual Secretaries or PA’s.

Make no mistake, we honour secretaries as much as anyone, but Virtual Assistants offer so much more – and one of their greatest advantages is that they are an outsourced service as opposed to being permanently employed.

Outsourced entities minimise costs

A VA, who has all the skills of a PA but who is hired and paid only specifically for the work they do, automatically saves a business time and money on recruiting, training, monthly salaries (when the employee may not always have necessary work to do), sick pay, leave pay – and bonuses.

VA’s deliver or are simply not hired again

Unlike permanent employees who can be difficult to dismiss if are not performing properly (occurring more legal costs etc.) a VA can simply not be rehired is not up to scratch. So, VA’s not only minimised costs but eliminate employment headaches too!

V-Assist – full speed ahead

Knowing we are only as good as our last job keeps V-Assist on our toes and always performing at the highest level for all who engage us. Contact us today to find out why VA’s are much more than PA’s– and give your business the outsourced services advantage.

Stay safe – and keep it virtual.

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