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Why VA’s are much more than P.A.s – Flexibility!

In this month that Secretaries and PA’s are being honoured, we are hoping to clarify a popular misconception that Virtual Assistants, who have come very much to the fore in recent years, are not just online PA’s. They are much more than that, as good VA’s need to be highly flexible in the services that they offer to be truly competitive. 


One should remember that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many women lost their positions in the corporate world or their businesses. These were not just Secretaries or PA’s but also Events organisers, Travel agents, Recruiters etc.


When all these professional (for the most part) women, were made redundant, or could no longer earn a living, they had to seek new avenues to survive. This created a network of outsourced services that now form the backbone of flexible Virtual Assistant services.


Experienced VA’s like V-Assist, therefore, can offer pretty much any service that any company may require, and we have become a ‘one-stop-shop for all outsourced services. 

Contact us to find out why VA’s are much more than PA’s and let us assist you to build your business and your network online. 


Keep safe – and keep it virtual!

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