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Why good V.A.s are much more than just P.A.s!


This month we celebrate the great work done by Secretaries (sometimes known as P.A.s) and we thought it would be fitting to explain why Virtual Assistants (V.A.s), often thought of as the virtual equivalent of P.A.s is, in fact, so much more than that.


Administrators turned Entrepreneurs


Remember that although Virtual Assistants may well have been P.A.s in their former roles in the corporate world, they are now business people (mostly women) who have started their own online businesses to assist other businesses who see the value of having outsourced service providers.


This means that as business people themselves good V.A.s understand how business works. They understand the importance of cost savings, marketing and being well connected in the virtual space where most business is now conducted. They are well versed in the virtual world so they can offer invaluable advice in this regard and can introduce you to the extensive online networks that they have built as business owners.


Most importantly, we at V-Assist (unlike P.A’s who need to be recruited, trained, and paid overtime, leave and sick pay) only bill for the work we do. This in itself can be a massive cost-saving, and as Entrepreneurs, we are aware of this, so we streamline our services to streamline your business! 


Contact us today and watch this space to find out more about why good V.A.s are much more than just P.A.s! 

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