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Why every business will hire a VA in 2022

This may sound like a bold statement, but it rings true when you add to the end of it ‘if they knew what a VA could do for them!.’  As we face yet another wave and strain of this virus, business owners are beginning to accept that dealing with Covid is not something that is just going to go away in 2022 but it is already being referred to by many as ‘the new norm.’

So, this means the challenges facing business (and we refer especially to SMME’s – the backbone of the economy) will be;

  1. Dealing more efficiently in a virtual world in which business has gotten far more competitive; 
  2. Expanding in an ever-tougher business environment;
  3. Saving on costs in a recessionary economy; 
  4. With, in many cases, a smaller staff contingent, trying to free up more time to work on business development.


Virtual Assistants solve all these problems and so this is why every business will hire a VA in 2022So, how exactly do they accomplish this? 

Virtual experience – Good VA’s with a few years of experience behind them are already experts in the virtual realm and this can be invaluable for business owners not entirely familiar with this space.  From online marketing to sourcing other virtual businesses and useful business tools and platforms – VA’s know the other key players in this space that can assist you to grow.

Add to your network – Following on from this, VA’s are working with many other businesses that could have synergy with your business and will gladly introduce you to, and set up meetings with these businesses, as it could benefit them too. In this way, VA’s assist you to build your network.

Save you money – Hiring VA’s also assists you to run a more cost-effective business because they are an outsourced service, intrinsically involved with your business but just paid a reasonable retainer for a certain number of hours.  You pay for exactly the time you get and nothing more!  This can save enormous costs on recruiting, training permanent staff, paying for sick leave, vacations, and bonuses – not to mention the added saving of the costs that be incurred from dealing with labour-related issues. 

Enable you to be more efficient – Most importantly, VA’s do the things you do not want to do and do not have the time to do, thereby freeing you up to run a more efficient business.  Now instead of spending a lot of your time working ‘in’ your business, you can work ‘on’ business development amongst other things.  With a motto like ‘it’s about time,’ V-Assist are a great example of how a good VA can turn your time into an ally instead of a challenge!

VA’s Save the Day

Notice that the first letters of these points spell the word VASE – an acronym for VA’s Simplify Everything! 

V- Assist, one of the pioneers of the VA era, have years of experience and expertise in the virtual realm, ensuring that they can tick all the boxes relating to solutions for the challenges facing businesses in 2022.

Talk to us about your specific challenges and avail yourself right now of our wide range of services so that you will hit the ground running in 2022.

Stay safe – and stay virtual.

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