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Why dynamic female Entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants

Particularly now, following a year when so many women lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more have turned their sights to Entrepreneurial endeavours and many are succeeding admirably. So much so, that a new breed of Female Entrepreneurs is making the headlines in a predominantly man’s world. 

Some research was done in the USA where a number of the most successful women were interviewed and one of the things that was revealed about female Entrepreneurs is that many of them preferred to outsource the wide range of services that versatile Virtual Assistants could execute for them.

Empathy and understanding

One of the key reasons for this is that most Virtual Assistants are themselves female Entrepreneurs and other Female Entrepreneurs understand that it takes a multi-tasking ability to effectively carry out the services of a really versatile assistant. 

There is also an element of empathy for other women and a desire to stand in solidarity them. Little wonder when one realises that more than two-thirds of the jobs lost due to the pandemic were women. Many of these were single women too and the sole breadwinners of their families.

A better way to do business.

Setting aside all emotions however, these Dynamic entrepreneurial women also understand that the outsourcing of services, especially when your business is a small to medium-sized entity, simply makes sense. Here are a few good reasons why…

Avoiding HR headaches –South African employers face multiple employment issues. Hiring a Virtual Assistant eliminates the need for a permanent employment contract as they are hired only when you need them. 

Cutting costs –VA costs are very reasonable and billed only for the specific services you use – saving on permanent employee sourcing, training and benefits like holiday and sick leave pay etc.

Expand your network – Astute female Entrepreneurs understand the benefit of expanding their networks and Virtual Assistants do exactly that. They are well connected with other service providers who may want to do business with you!

A Dynamic VA services company

We at V-Assist can proudly say that we ourselves are a team of dynamic female Entrepreneurs. We are versatile, multi-tasking and enjoy serving our many loyal female-owned small business clients.

Our network extends beyond just the services we offer and so we are a ‘one-stop’ outsourced services solution. Contact us to find out first hand why so many dynamic female Entrepreneurs hire V-Assist! 


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