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Part 3

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While you’re away a good VA can keep your business running - Part 3

Our mini-series this month has been about what VA’s can do for you when you are away for your well-earned holiday.  We have already mentioned that before you go, they can book your holiday for you and organise your year-end thank you gifts for clients.

While you are away, they can do all your admin and manage all your customer relations and communications, like answering emails, sending out newsletters etcetera.  If you are still not convinced though, there is plenty more…

Project Management 

Did you know that within most good Virtual Assistant services there are people who are qualified Project Managers?  So, do not let a project that you have running or wanted to get started put you off that holiday.  Speak to your V.A and let them manage it for you!

Ordering supplies 

You may also be worrying that you need to order supplies and start liaising with suppliers about projects that need to start early in the new year. Competent VA’s like V-Assist can not only communicate with your suppliers but do your ordering, ensure the correct supplies arrive and make the necessary payment for them.

Happy holidays!

Take it from us, V-Assist has been holding the fort for many of our clients during the December/January holidays for many years.  We consider it to be a vital part of our service to you. 

So, talk to us and find out for yourself that while you are away a good VA can keep your business running – and even thriving – so happy holidays – and travel safe!

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