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What will your business do differently this year?

So we have made it through 2020. We’ve crossed the threshold into what we all want to believe will be a far better year ahead. 2020 was so dramatic, with such a massive impact on so many businesses that business may never be quite the same again.

We had to learn many lessons as the pandemic thrust us all into a situation of rapidly adjusting how we operate – so do you believe 2021 will just make that all go away? 

Well seeing as we have not even got past the pandemic yet and have found ourselves thrust into a second wave, it more likely begs the question “what will your business do differently this year?”

There are four changes we can think of that most businesses will make… 

More will work from home

Not everyone likes it, but many businesses have found it to be advantageous to have people working from home. It can substantially cut costs on petrol allowances, time wasted travelling and paying far less on hiring office space, especially as the year progresses and certain leases start to expire. So, without a doubt, many businesses will decide to work more from home.

More will look to online solutions

To do this, businesses will need more online solutions. Many new online businesses will be built as a result of this. More online marketing, training, meetings and conferences to name just a few. If you are not already doing so, you need to be gearing your business to operate more virtually!

More will alter their financial approach

Financial budgets, therefore, will be altered to align with these new ways of working and lessons learned from financial knocks due to the pandemic will also change the way finances are structured.  

Accountants need to be creative and bosses need to decide where more money should go as businesses become more streamlined and self-contained and begin to look to alternate operational methods. Don’t miss our mini-series this month on ‘Your financial blueprint for 2021.’

More will outsource

Already a growing trend, just given a huge boost by the pandemic, outsourcing has become even more prevalent since the lockdown. Especially after many bosses were forced to cut permanent staff and look for alternate assistance Virtual Assistants became the favoured outsourced alternative to hiring people that you simply weren’t able to guarantee a permanent position.

V-Assist were one of the pioneers of outsourced Virtual Assistants and with such a wide range of services and being so well connected ourselves we are also a source of all other outsourced entities.

Let us help you to make your business one that did things not only differently, but better than ever before, in 2021!


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