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What to watch for when hiring a V.A – Expertise

An article we recently wrote touched on a rather sad case of someone who hired the wrong V.A and was badly stung. This partly came from the that they had not checked that the V.A in question was capable of handling that particular field of service or had any credentials. So one of the things to watch for when hiring a V.A is expertise…

Do they have experience?

The first thing to check for is if the V.A in question has had experience in doing what you require them to do. Many V.A’s believe they are a ‘Jack of all trades when this is not the case and a good V.A service will have been in the business for a while and be able to give you examples of the work you require if you ask them.

Do they have testimonials and a solid client base?

Always ask the V.A about some of the clients they have worked for before – and if they have some testimonials from these clients bearing testament to the efficacy of their work. If they can do so then they not only have expertise but the credentials to back it up.

V-Assist tick all the boxes

When it comes to hiring a reliable V.A, V-Assist has extensive experience in the virtual realm and a solid client base. We can always cover all the right areas you need to watch out for when hiring a V.A.

If we can’t do it we will find the right person for you and so you will always only need to talk to us for every outsourced service you require – and have complete peace of mind when doing so!

Keep safe – and keep it virtual!


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