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What does it take to make a great V.A in 2021?

Many articles have been written about what makes a great V.A. Well to begin with, are you even aware of what V.A is? For the uninitiated, a V.A is a Virtual Assistant – yes, like a Personal Assistant (P.A). Still, much more than just a P.A, in that they operate virtually and do not need to be employed as full-time staff. Well, what it takes to make a great Virtual Assistant has changed considerably in the last year, so let us look at what it takes to make a great Virtual Assistant in 2021…

A great Virtual Assistant in 2021 needs to be a Virtual virtuoso!

In 2021, we are operating in a much more virtual world. Virtual Assistants are expected to be much more than they were even at the start of 2020. First of all, they must be fully versed with all the advantages and advancement of a myriad of new online services. They need to actually be able to use these services and offer them to their clients.

Finances are carried out in the cloud now, events are still held (even massive expos) but virtually, as are daily meetings. Training and motivational courses are still run, but online so Virtual Assistants need to know where to source these resources to use for their clients and improve their client’s way of operating online.

They need to be versatility virtuosos!

Because so many permanent employees in different fields have had to be retrenched a 2021 version of a great Virtual Assistant has to be much more than the traditional P.A. They still need to have a high degree of multi-tasking for sure. Still, they now need to offer a broad range of services – going way beyond what a P.A would ordinarily do. They also tend to have a team of people who can expand that range of services – So a great Virtual Assistant in 2021 is far more versatile than ever before.

Expanding further on this – great Virtual Assistants in 2021 is increasing beyond servicing small businesses (although these will always be considered valued, clients). Because the virtual world has enabled so many international networking opportunities, they will be operating with global companies (watch out for our next article on our Canadian connections) and businesses in the trades, especially in various industries.

A one-stop ‘Virtual Services’ shop

Many great Virtual Assistants do this because they become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their clients. They save them time and money by doing what they do not want to do and save them the time of sourcing other outsourced services.

They need to be great networkers and marketers

As previously mentioned, the world has become a much smaller place through virtual networking. So great Virtual Assistants like V-Assist, with international clients and local clients in small business, the trades, large companies in various industries, and many professions, consider networking supremely important.

We are part of the largest international network, B.N.I – and our global connections have helped us to connect our clients with new clients themselves. It requires that you connect with us first, though, so do not hesitate to do so.

Get first-hand experience today of what it takes to make a great Virtual Assistant in 2021!


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