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The important dos and don’ts of Social Media marketing

Part 2- the don’ts

This is the second in our two-part series about the important dos and don’ts of Social Media marketing. In the first part we spoke about the things you should do to ensure your campaign is a success, but sometimes knowing what not to do is just as valuable.

We said in part one that you should ascertain your target market, then choose the right platforms on which to be present. This should be followed by the creation of meaningful content that gives people good advice and engages with them – and this should be posted consistently. Most importantly don’t sell your products or services but try to build relationships with customers or clients, because that is what social media is all about.

So, what is the mirror image of this? What are the things you should avoid doing at all costs? – well, here are just a few… 


Be on every single social media platform – It may be tempting to try every new one you hear of but spreading yourself too thin can just water down your strategy. Rather be great on one platform than mediocre on many. 

SHARE without researching first – Ensure that your content is what your customers want to see or hear but not just a rehash of what everyone else has done. A little research is always a good idea.

Hard-sell – using ad speak – Social Media is all about building relationships – not selling. Avoid posting too often about your business or products and services. A consistent push of your business will drive people away. 

Have an overbearing or poor attitude – Don’t be PUSHY. People do not respond well to this, and everyone connected to you can see what you are posting. Also, don’t forget to THANK people when they promote you to their network. 

Don’t COMPLAIN a lot – Every business has its ups and downs and complaining about customer interaction or a business transaction that didn’t go according to plan should not be part of your social media strategy. 

OBSESS about the numbers – or expect the return of investment to be immediate –  

Social media will help you build your brand and develop leads, but it takes time, patience and consistency. It is also not just about selling your products or services but building your brand in the long term. Marketing is not a one-day game and great brands are built over time.

Try to go it alone – SM marketing can be a complex and certainly highly competitive business, so engage professional help. V-Assist is an SM marketing expert who can not only advise you but create all your content, ensure it is regularly posted, monitor your progress and ultimately give you the best chance of obtaining the best R.O.I for your ad spend.

Now you know some of the important dos and don’ts of Social Media Marketingcontact us to ensure you execute them perfectly and make your SM marketing a massive success.

Stay safe – and stay connected!

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