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The 4 cornerstones of building a new business – Business development

There are essentially 4 cornerstones of starting and building a new business.  We already spoke about the set-up and running of a new business, now let’s look at the third cornerstone and that is the important aspect of building the business, which is achieved through attaining new clients – or if you are selling products, building your customer base.

In either case, this is known as “business development” and is essential to the growth and the sustaining of any business over the long term.  Large corporates hire people specifically for business development, but if you are one of the small to medium enterprises, you as the owner often need to do this yourself.

Avoid burn out

One of the biggest areas of failure in start-up businesses is the owner burning out due to overwork in the belief that they need to run the whole business themselves when they should in fact be focussing on developing the business.  Every business owner needs help in at least some aspects of keeping a business running, but the hiring of permanent staff may be premature.

At a very reasonable charge, expert VA’s like V-Assist work for less on an hourly basis than what your time is worth to be building your business.  Hence our motto ‘It’s about time!’ 

Contact us today to find out about our full range of services and make sure you get your business on the right footing from day one!

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