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Juanita Nieuwoudt

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can Do

Calendar Management, Call answering

A Virtual Assistant can manage your e-calendar from providing reminders to scheduling appointments. 

V-Assist can:

  • Coordinate and schedule calls and appointments

This alone can save a business owner 10 hours a week.   A virtual assistant can also schedule calls for some team members.

  1. Confirm appointments

Communicate your appointment list with your VA regularly i.e., weekly or as the next day’s appointments.  This can eliminate time-wasting when the other party forgets or waits until the last minute to cancel or make alternative arrangements. 

  1. Your VA can provide reminders about calls, follow-ups, or appointments

Sometimes life gets too busy, and you forget to make a call, follow up with a client or confirm an order.  Your VA can call ahead or text you or your client in advance a few minutes before your scheduled meeting that you are running late or reminding you of the appointment. 

  1. Reschedule calls and appointments

While you are in a meeting, on a site inspection or away, your VA can take calls on you are a beat or a call 😉

  1. Protect your time

It can hard for business owners to say no to someone who wants to meet for a coffee, do a sales pitch of some product or program or wants to do a survey.  Let your VA be the BAD COP and block these unnecessary calls.

  1. Send and maintain a “pending list”

At the end of a week, your VA can send you a list of people that have not responded to emails, requests for payment or setting appointment dates or remind you of an important meeting coming up. 

Let your Virtual Assistant be your ears and voice when you cannot listen or talk.

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