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Email Management and Contact Management Communications

Email Management and Contact Management Communications              

A Virtual Assistant can manage your email inbox – or if you need to update your contact lists.  V-Assist can save you a lot of hours by taking care of the following activities:

  1. Screen emails

Based on your guidelines and instructions a VA can respond, forward, flag important emails or delete junk/spam emails on your behalf. 

  1. Add or remove contacts from your database

Receive an email from a new client – let your VA add them to your contact list.  No longer doing business with a client – let your VA remove them from your contact list.  It is good practice to review all your contact lists and update them.

  1. Update people’s information to the contact lists or database

Sometimes people leave a company or get a new contact number.  Let your VA update your contact lists or database at least every 3 to 6 months to keep it fresh and current.

  1. Add or update your CRM systems.

One of the main reasons small businesses don’t use their CRM apps or programs is due to the time it takes to update and entering data into it.  V-Assist can add to and organise your CRM systems and integrate or important fresh data on a regular basis.

Let V-Assist help you keep your contact lists current and up to date!!

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