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Successful sales strategies in a virtual world – Gain trust

Many businesses are re-inventing themselves in a new world of selling their products and services virtually. Some rules will change, but the age-old laws of selling and conducting a successful business still apply.

Gaining trust is vital – particularly if you are operating an e-commerce business. This is a world where many people are suspicious of who they are dealing with because you are not meeting face to face.

There are two essential ways to do this…

Supply what was asked for – Online purchasing is difficult enough without ultimately being supplied with something much less than what is expected. Be transparent about what you are selling and supply exactly that!

Be accountable – With trust always comes accountability. If something goes wrong between order and supply don’t hesitate to replace the defective or inferior product or service and get a testimony from your customer to authenticate this.

Outsource trustworthy virtual services

V-Assist, one of South Africa’s premier Virtual Assistant services has already been operating and growing as a Virtual entity through reliable service and building trust with their loyal client base for many years.

Talk to us and find out that our wide range of services can assist you in every way to run a more successful business in both the virtual and the real world – after all – today these have become one!

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