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Social Media Marketing – Repetition gets results

This month we are offering sound advice on how our clients can get the best results from Social Media marketing. One way is through posting regularly because, in SM marketing, repetition gets results!

Consistency is king

When, with the help of your SM marketing experts, you have decided on your target market and which platforms will be your best playing field, you need to engage with your audience. This needs to be done consistently – If not – you are quickly forgotten! 

This means to develop a mindset of repetition but not necessarily repeating the same postsUse themes every week so that all your posts form one consistent message on multiple platforms.

Create a content calendar 

Using a weekly or monthly post calendar, and scheduling your posts in advance, will help you keep on top of them. Then post regularly at least 3 or more times per week. 

Get the V – Assist advantage 

To ensure you ultimately get the best R.O.I for your ad spend, you need to get advice and devise a marketing strategy that will have you engaging with the right people in the right places and in exactly the right way. 

Talk to us – we are V-Assist – expert Virtual Assistants with a wide range of services including SM marketing – and we are always here to assist you!

Stay safe and keep marketing! 

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