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Social Media Marketing – Choosing the right platforms
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Social Media Marketing – Choosing the right platforms

Once you have decided to do Social Media marketing the first step will be to work with your SM marketing expert to ascertain your target market. Having done that you will have to decide what is the right playing field for you on this maze we call the internet. 

Choosing the right platforms 

You need to choose a platform that enhances the personality of your brand. Are you very visually based or more intellectual? – storytellers or moviemakers? etc. This can determine the right platform for you. It is a big subject but in essence, the top five are…

LinkedIn – The primary B2B platform and where many top executives are also headhunted. Your approach on this platform should be fairly formal, strictly business and offer lots of good advice.

Facebook – Generally a more social platform, so when used for business your messages should be sociable and engaging.  

Twitter – There are some advantages to short messages on a large platform but be aware of the controversy and the necessity to have someone monitoring and responding all the time! 

Instagram and YouTube – These are the visual platforms preferred by those who have very visual products so posting pictures, infographics and videos will best sell your product.

V-Assist are experts in this field so contact us today to ensure that your Social Media Marketing is choosing the right platforms, devising the right strategies and monitoring your progress so your marketing spends always generates the best R.O.I!

Keep safe and keep marketing!


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