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New age Secretaries are V.As offering so much more!

Having just recently celebrated Spring Day and Secretaries Day on September 1st we wish all our clients and friends a wonderful Spring after a long cold Winter – and to all those hard-working Secretaries out there we salute you as we know how tough your lives can be!

Lately, since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Secretaries, or P.As as they are sometimes known, particularly if they serve just one boss, have had to adapt to trying to provide the same service in the online realm whilst being away from the office and the bosses that they serve. Many Secretaries under these conditions have simply not survived and have been made redundant as a result.

The outsourced solution

The solution to this is Virtual Assistants (VA’s), who are not here to take P.A’s jobs but in the world of business today, conducted almost entirely online, they do offer a more flexible, versatile and equally efficient online alternative.

Thankfully, the Virtual Assistant profession has also provided many women previously employed in the corporate world as P.As, Administrators, Customer service managers, Events co-ordinators, Recruitment specialists, Project and production managers, Social media marketing managers, Travel Professionals – and many more, with the opportunity to become Entrepreneurs, proudly establishing and managing their own businesses as Virtual Assistants.

Business benefits

Businesses have the substantial benefit of saving costs on hiring permanent employees like hiring fees, training, travel expenses, leave and sick pay etc. But to what extent can these benefits be taken for the new age businessman seeking to build a business primarily on outsourced service providers?

VA’s break the P.A mould

One of the commonest misconceptions about the role of Virtual Assistants is that they are only glorified virtual Secretaries or P.A’s – at most, Administrative Assistants. Well, in the case of some VA’s, truth be told, this is the only line of work that they have aspired to, but many Virtual Assistants on the other hand like V-Assist, have formed teams of qualified professionals handling various areas of business expertise.

This means we offer a wide range of services and whatever we don’t handle in house, we will source for you, so we are the only point of contact you need for all outsourced- services.

Watch this space for our series this month on ‘Why V.As are much more than Secretaries’ to learn more about this – and contact us anytime to know all you need to about what we can do to streamline your business both on and offline.

Keep safe and keep it virtual!

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