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More reasons Virtual Assistants will play a vital role post-pandemic
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More reasons Virtual Assistants will play a
vital role post-pandemic

We have seen some significant changes to the ways in which people have had to operate their businesses since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even when it is only a distant memory many of these changes will remain.

Virtual assistants have become a vital part of the way people now operate simply due to their experience in the virtual space and the fact that they are well equipped to handle the challenges that have recently been posed to business owners. Our first article on this sets out many ways things have changed and here are a few more reasons Virtual Assistants will play a vital role post-pandemic…

  • More companies are targeting international markets and we have noticed an increase in international interest in South African VA’s. This is for a few good reasons. They tend to be more reliable, work more efficiently and in terms of many country’s exchange rates, we are far more cost-effective.
  • Many companies have had to automate as much as possible, either because they suddenly have work than they normally handle (medical equipment/PPEs etc.) or on the flip side they had to reduce staff last year and now that things have picked up, they are struggling with the workload but are reticent about re-hiring the staff. Good V.As like V-Assist solve both these problems, handling the transformation and upgrades of systems seamlessly and quickly, and as outsourced staff, we are more cost-effective because we are only paid for the specific work we do.
  • Companies are required to do more research on their target market. Due to changes brought about in marketing through Social Media, businesses are learning that they need to approach potential clients in a very personal way, as there is a lot more focus on the individual. Once again V-Assist has extensive experience in online marketing and V.As can be a great help in this respect.

What are some more advantages of hiring VAs?

The benefits of hiring V.As for businesses, especially those learning to operate virtually for the first time, are numerous. Here are just a few offered by V-Assist…

  • We are expert networkers and whatever we may not directly handle we source through other tried and tested suppliers. We are therefore a ‘one-stop-shop’ for outsourced services. 
  • We believe in the power of teamwork and happily work with other V.As and suppliers, as opposed to some V.As who restrict their clients through their unwillingness to collaborate with others. 

Finally, as our extensive range of services so amply illustrates, we are multitasking and not focused on any one profession or industry. Talk to us about any requirement and we will assist you – one way or the other!

Stay safe – and stay virtual! 

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