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How VA’s assist young Entrepreneurs

As National Youth Day falls on June 16th, we would like to focus this month on the youth of our country and in particular those with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is often said that the future of our country rests firmly on the shoulders of young Entrepreneurs – those with the tenacity and the courage to go it alone in business and create an entity that can contribute to South Africa’s wealth and growth.

Where Virtual Assistants come in

Starting out in a business of your own can be a daunting prospect, however, especially now that we operate in a more virtual world. It takes specialists in the Virtual realm to ensure that new start-ups will be operating optimally online. 

This is where Virtual Assistants (VA’s) come in and contacting a good one right at the start of the business can save a lot of headaches! Here are the four essential ways VA’s assist young (or old) Entrepreneurs – it is a broad subject, so we will elaborate on each area in our articles as the month unfolds…

Set up 

Every aspect of your set-up, from documentation to legal compliances, Customer relations systems, rental space (if required) and furnishings, website set up and domain etc. There is nothing a good Virtual Assistant cannot do or source for you.

Outsourcing staff – and more

Speaking of sourcing, right at the start of a business, before you can afford to hire a whole range of people to handle everything from your admin to the professional skills relevant to your business, it may be a better idea to outsource them. VA’s are outsourcing experts and are themselves one of the most sought after outsourced businesses.

A one-stop-shop for Services 

One of the first lessons you will learn as an entrepreneur and business owner is that your time is very valuable. You need, at all times, to be working ON your business and not IN it! A good VA is versatile and able to offer a wide range of services to assist you with this.

Marketing and building your network

VA’s are also Social and Digital Media marketing experts and due to their extensive online networks can assist start-up businesses to build their brand and their business networks from day one!

Get the experts on your side

Right out of the starting gates, engage the best Virtual Assistant service – V-Assist. We are pioneers in this industry with experience and expertise in the virtual realm but always remaining abreast of the latest technologies and developments.

Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ because we know that saving your time makes you more money. Contact us today to ensure we get you off to the best possible start – and watch this space for more.

Stay safe – stay virtual – and stay driven to succeed!

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