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How to protect your business against cybercrime!

It may sound like something unusual for Virtual Assistants to write about but remember that we do operate in the Virtual World, as do most of our clients nowadays. It is our business therefore to know about and assist our clients to protect themselves against cybercrime, as it is prevalent in this day and age and can affect us all.

The recent ransomware disaster that has befallen our legal system is just one example of how we and a number of our clients have been affected by cybercrime, so we thought it a good idea to impart at least a few of the basics of how to protect your business against cybercrime!

Security software passwords and hardware

Obviously it is complicated, as cybercriminals are professionals and have many ways of getting through the obvious defences. Nevertheless, the first thing to do is ensure that your IT guys have installed the very best security software on all your devices. This should not just be ‘Mickey Mouse’’ stuff that is offered free with every PC, but really effective security software.

Secondly, protect the hardware you have all your data on too. Remember one of the ways systems are hacked is through people physically stealing hardware – giving them access to the devices and time to find ways in. Install a ‘’find my device’’ program on every PC and physically lock hardware down to the desks on which they are used.

Regarding passwords, every device must have a failsafe password. As one cyber protection Guru said, “Begin your cyber-attack prevention strategy with the basics: protect all devices with a complicated password, share that password with the device user only and commit it to memory instead of writing it down in an easily accessible place.’’

Back up and Encrypt data.

The main strategy to employ is to ensure prevention of physical access to your data- and if it is uncovered to render it useless. We have touched on the first, regarding the second the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, say that data encryption remains the ‘most efficient fix’ for data breaches, should they occur. ‘’Be sure to encrypt all sensitive data, including customer information, employee information and all business data.’’

People can be fallible 

Then remember that unfortunately, most security breaches happen through human beings employed by the company, either failing to recognise where they are opening themselves and the business up to hackers – or sadly in some cases even co-operating with hackers.

All you can do to prevent this is to be very careful who you hire, and more importantly, ensure that all employees are trained and well versed in cybercrime prevention.

Let us help 

V-Assist, as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for outsourced services, prides itself on being able to help our clients in every area. If you need expert help in such matters – or wish to employ any of our wide range of services contact us today and find out first hand why we have so many satisfied and loyal clients.

Be safe – and be cyber secure!

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