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How to know you’re hiring a good Virtual Assistant


We have been doing a series of articles this month on the things you need to know about when you hire a Virtual Assistant.  We have already spoken about ensuring that their pricing aligns with industry standards and is not too low – and the importance of knowing they have experience with the specific task you need them for. They also need to have good testimonials from a solid and loyal client base.

So, what else will you need to consider to know you are hiring a good Virtual Assistant?  


Probably the most important business value is accountability.  If any business is not accountable for their work, they will never gain the trust of their clients, receive good testimonials or be able to build a solid client base.

This means they must be accountable enough to refuse work they know they can’t handle – and if they take on the job, be prepared to do it over again if it does not match up to the client’s mandate.

Hire the experts

With V-Assist you know you are hiring a good Virtual Assistant as we are already experienced, expert VA’s who pride ourselves on being fully accountable for any work we take on. If it doesn’t match up to our own stringent standards it will be done again until we are comfortable with presenting it to our clients. 

Talk to us about our wide range of services and remember we are a one-stop-shop for every outsourced service you may require. 

Keep safe – and keep it virtual!


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