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How the Steel Industry can benefit from Social Media

We are currently looking at how the Steel Industry can benefit from changes during the COVID-19 pandemic and sound business practices going into 2021 and beyond.

Many steel industry players have continued to utilise industry publications and traditional marketing media as their primary source of advertising. Still, the power of Digital and Social Media cannot be denied.

Online marketing is a must

Digital and Social Media marketing is growing in popularity and power every day. With more people online than ever before, marketing through this medium is essential. There is, however, more to this medium than just advertising.


Social media is a powerful friend or foe

The Steel Industry needs to be in touch with social media to stay in touch with its customers. Understanding communications in this virtual world takes the expertise of people who regularly work in it, like Virtual Assistants who correctly utilise Social Media to maintain their client’s good reputation and good customer relationships.

Assistance with all Steel Industry requirements

From administration to advertising – staff to Social Media communications and beyond, V-Assist is a one-stop-shop for all outsourcing needs. The business world has changed, and we can help you understand and take command of our new virtual reality.

Stay positive, stay virtually connected – and stay safe!


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