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How the Steel Industry Benefits from a Virtual World

We are looking at ways that the Steel industry can build a better business in 2021 and beyond. One way is to learn from and retain much of what we learned during the COVID-19 panic.

It was not all bad, and although much of the industry suffered from the economic downturn and halted production, some businesses gained in other areas. To name some, these were:

Cost savings

Many administrative departments moved out of offices into people’s homes, and they discovered that there could be significant cost savings to this in future. Savings on petrol, time spent travelling to offices and reduced office space were quite substantial.

Conducting virtual events instead of travelling to them and online training and seminars – were all found to be more cost-effective. If the industry maintains some of these practices, it can make significant improvements to its bottom line.

Virtual services

It was also found that many virtual services were conducive to doing better business, too – not the least of these being Virtual Assistants, already well versed in online practices and extremely well connected.

V-Assist is a pioneer in the Virtual Assistants industry and skilfully assists the steel industry with an extensive range of services from admin to online marketing and CRM. Talk to us about what we can do for you.

Stay safe – and stay virtual!


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