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Good VAs build your online network
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Juanita Nieuwoudt

Good VAs build your online network

The way we are doing business has forever changed since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many businesses had to scramble to survive by building their online resources and presence almost overnight.

Many such businesses discovered that their greatest allies in the virtual world were Virtual Assistants – already well versed in the virtual realm and as an outsourced service were able to immediately come to their assistance.

One of the ways they are most helpful to businesses is in assisting them to build their online networks and they do this in 3 primary ways…

Introduction to innovative online services

Good VAs are aware of the online services that can assist businesses to build their networks. One such service, just as an example, is companies that host large virtual events, seminars, and workshops that used to be held in person. Great global networks can be built through attending these.

Assistance with online marketing

Digital and Social Media marketing are one of the areas of expertise of VA’s with a wide range of services. Businesses who are connecting via the right platforms in the right way are now building their networks through this advertising medium.

Integration of existing networks

V-Assist, pioneers of the Virtual Assistant online community, have such an extensive online network that the integration of this into their client’s networks is a great growth factor for any client.

Talk to us today and find out for yourself that good V.As really do build your online network!  

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