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Get ‘liked’ on Facebook and start to build your business

Building a business online is all about your audience getting to know and like you. It is all part of building online relationships and that is how business is done on the internet. One of the best ways to do this is by utilising a Facebook account for business and the benefits are numerous, but it does take some work.

We hope this article will help you to get ‘liked’ on Facebook and start to build your business. So, what is so important about getting likes?

  • It can spread – getting someone to like you means there’s a good chance their friends will see your like too and that’s how word about your business gets around
  • It builds trust – Simply put, people are more likely to trust a business getting a lot of likes. It’s like having a lot of good testimonials
  • More engagement. – It is a known fact that pages with 10 or more likes get more engagement and engagement is the name of the game.

Important points about likes

  • Page likes are more prominently displayed and so they are deemed to be more important than follows
  • You should try to build up to at least 30 likes for real credibility, but it doesn’t have to be all at once
  • Having said that, It is better to get quality likes, as you want people to engage with you
  • The best way to get more likes is to start with the people you know – they are more likely to support you right away.

Some more golden rules and tips about Facebook marketing

  • Share your business page to your personal page profile – You are far more likely to have more Facebook friends on your personal profile, so this helps to boost your business exposure.
  • Posting is essential – Posting regular messages is how you engage with others on Facebook. Start with a good welcoming post which should be pinned to the top of your page and then post regularly. NB – Posts should always be authentic and reflect the true personality of your business and, if possible, accompanied by some sort of image to draw attention to it.

Share your page beyond Facebook

The whole point of organic marketing is to spread posts and various content from one platform to another. Share your Facebook page to your website, your other platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, your newsletter – or display your Facebook URL on signage wherever you have any.

Get a great V.A to create and manage your content

The most important thing is to immediately start creating meaningful and helpful content that your audience will want to read, like and engage with.  V-Assist is a Virtual Assistant service well versed in Social Media and Content marketing and so we can not only advise on and create this content but create a content calendar and ensure your posts and articles are posted regularly and on time.

Remember we have just touched the tip of the iceberg here with regard to Facebook for Business marketing.

So, watch this space for more or engage with us right now to learn everything you need to know about it.

Keep safe – keep positive – and keep engaging! 

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