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My path crossed with Aida through a networking group for virtual assistants a few years ago. 

Aida is one of those extraordinary ladies who are always willing to share her passion and knowledge for our industry with fellow Virtual Assistants.  

I hope you will enjoy learning about her story and her amazing career as a Virtual Assistant and Female Entrepreneur.

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My Story is a good one

With a strong passion for helping others, I founded my Online Business Management Company after gaining 18 years of experience in several industries.

Starting out as a receptionist, I grew and moved my way through different departments to fuel my thirst for knowledge, need for adventure and new challenges.

In 2018, AVAservices Pty (LTD) was established where I was able to easily combined my passion and knowledge to help small businesses operate to their full potential.

After being retrenched and realising that finding work these days was getting more difficult, I decided to put my experience and knowledge to good use and help start up businesses that cannot afford full time staff members.

AVAServices Pty (Ltd), came from Aida Virtual Services but as I did not want to use my own name as I wanted a allrounder company name that could be a holding company for more than one venture, I abbreviated it.  However I have a trading name that I use being AIDADIAS-BM

I had quite a few challenges. Firstly I had to start believing in myself a lot more and continuously remind myself I was good enough to do anything I set my mind to. 

Secondly. learning new programs and tools helping the creative and writing side of my personality which are two things I struggle with.  But I have started to accept I can be creative and can write.

Another challenge is learning to track time and use new programs.

I think my language skills make me unique and the fact that I have many years of experience in several industries.

My success secrets are to share knowledge as much as I can.  When you die it will die with you so sharing your information and knowledge will make someone else look up to you in life.

Since I started working from home prior to COVID nothing really changed.  My kids were just on a very long holiday, and it was easier to get coffee as I just that to send them a WhatsApp to place my order 😉

Our family believes in routine. Each of us has a chore and a cooking day.  After taking kids to school I will quickly do a load of washing, pack the dishwasher and mop floors, put on the kettle and PC.  Once that is all done I will sit down with a warm cup of coffee and focus on my mails and tasks at hand.

In the afternoons I will fetch kids,  we will have lunch and then I will get back to work while they study and do homework.

Evenings are a family time where we will sit down for dinner as a family we chat and catch up on the day.

Friday’s are my more relaxed days and I try to take afternoons off to be more hands-on with kids. Weekends is family time for me but I will work only if any urgent projects need my attention. 

I chose to work for myself so that I do not have to have clients that would not add value to my business.  There comes a time in life where we have to choose what we want that is best for ourselves and our business.  Even though we often need that client, it is best to walk away than to be unhappy and not giving your best.

I haven’t really marketed myself.  Most of my business has been word of mouth and through referrals.

Through vision boards, having management meetings with my husband who is a big part of my business

Yes, I would have invested a lot more in myself and my business, by means of upskilling myself.

I enjoy the freedom that I can work anywhere and anytime.

My most satisfying moment is when I have managed to get something right that I have never done before like working on my website or designing projects by using CANVA. But my biggest “AHA” moment I would say is when the kids ask if they can be taught how to do something for themselves.

My Fiancé and my kids, without them my business would just be another unfinished project.

Aida’s life of adventure, heartbreak, and success.

Don’t give up on your dreams, sometimes they just take a little longer to materialise because it needed perfect timing.

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