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Without any doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge influence on business as a whole not only in South Africa but on a global level. The fact that there has been a forced ‘work from home’ situation and massive financial setbacks will have changed the face of many businesses and as we hurtle into a new year still fighting a second wave of this scourge things are going to be very different.

It is doubtful that many businesses will be setting the same goals. For obvious reasons cutbacks, watching the bottom line and running ‘lean and mean’ will all be incorporated into business plans going into 2021 and one of the ways this will be achieved is through the hiring of outsourced services.

Virtual Assistants have become very much a part of the new virtual world in which we now conduct our business and not without reason. Here, in fact, are 5 very good reasons more businesses will hire V.As in 2021…

  1. Job losses

Sadly, many businesses have had to cut staff due to financial restraints and limited resources. It makes sense therefore to have these people’s functions replaced on a ‘job by job’ basis by a VA service who only charge for that specific service and are not part of a ‘payroll.’ This is obviously a big money saver.

  1. Big business shrinkage

Because many larger businesses may have been forced to become smaller businesses, they are now, like standard SMEs, finding V.As services (which with good V.As extend into a wide range of services) very useful. The outsourced VA actually becomes a part of the business without the business having the liability of employing them. This saves money and HR headaches like recruiting, training, employee benefits and labour issues etc.

  1. International outsourcing trends

South African companies are beginning to find that the outsourcing of V.As even by large industry players who don’t want to overstaff and hire VAs just for certain contracts is now becoming an international trend. We do tend to learn from our international counterparts and eventually follow suit. Why not be one of our local industry leaders?

  1. Support of local (Female) businesses

It’s critical in times of crisis that we look inwards and support our own until we are on our feet again. Big and small business really needs to buy local and support local businesses. Female Entrepreneurs especially (many of whom have become V.As) took the brunt of the job losses and need all the help they can get.

  1. Because they do a great job

At the end of the day though the international trend to hire V.As as an integral part of any business is because Virtual Assistant services like V-Assist (which has been around long before the pandemic and are still growing every day) do a really great job!

Any service that saves you time saves you money – and our motto is ‘It’s about time.’ Contact us to find out why we have so many satisfied customers and gain first-hand experience of why more businesses will hire V.As in 2021!


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