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5 Goals to match a 2022 business environmentG

At the beginning of every year companies and individuals set goals.  The idea is to accomplish a desired result in the short and long term and to better oneself or one’s business in whatever ways you can.

We cannot help with your individual goals as these are often very personal, encompassing various aspects of life not related to things we may know about, but as for business goals, as Entrepreneurs ourselves, we can make a few suggestions and we thought it would be appropriate, seeing as we all now operate our businesses in a very different manner, to suggest 5 goals to match a 2022 business environment…


Change is not always easy to contend with, especially when we feel that in some way, we have been thrown out of our comfort zones.  Only recently some businesses, due to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, would have been forced to operate for the first time in the virtual realm.  Well, online business and e-commerce are the future whether we like it or not.

Many people will continue to work from home, and it is best you make it a goal to embrace this environment and find as many ways as possible to incorporate your business into it.  The sooner the better.  Also, get the assistance of those who are well versed in this virtual realm.

WORK SMARTER not harder

Another unfortunate result of the Covid curse that we will still be dragging into 2022 was the forced letting go of certain employees – some of whom may have been essential to at least one aspect of our business.  Having done so, many business owners have extended themselves to try to make up for this resource and their businesses have suffered as a result.

Make it a goal in 2022 to hire an efficient outsourced service that can take up some of this slack so you, as a manager, can get back to business development and increased production.


On this point, astute businesses globally are turning to outsourced services to save on many of the costs and headaches involved in hiring permanent staff.  Make it another goal in 2022 that if things pick up again and you can afford more human resources, look first to outsourced entities that can offer a wide range of services under one roof and save you on the costs of recruiting, training, on-boarding and paying permanent staff sick leave, holiday pay and bonuses. 

Virtual Assistants, for example, charge only for the actual time worked so you can pay specifically for man-hours and not just to have someone on the payroll all the time. 


One goal that no company, big or small, can ever neglect in any year is to constantly expand on their offerings and the people they do business with.  2022 will be no exception but rather if we continue to face such tight economic challenges, the more people you have who are standing with you or can hire your services the stronger you will be.

Make it a goal for 2022 to work with outsourced services that have their own broad networks, particularly in the virtual realm, like Virtual Assistants, who will willingly recommend your services to their own clients. 


It should be abundantly clear by now that the best goal you can set for 2022 is to get an accomplished, experienced Virtual Assistant service like V-Assist on your side, as we can help you achieve all your other goals for 2022.

Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation to see how we can assist you to ensure 2022 is your best year in business yet.

Thank you to all our valued clients for your support throughout 2021 and may next year bring you joy, prosperity and the accomplishment of your every goal and heart’s desire.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas – and have a stupendous 2022!

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