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4 ways Motor dealers build their businesses in 2021


It has been made very clear in the last few years and greatly emphasized in 2020, due to the lockdown aspect of the pandemic, that many industries have made a radical shift to doing more business online.

Despite this, there will always be those who prefer to have the “live” experience or an “in-person” liaison with a salesperson or manager.  We have all become familiar with online shopping but many of us still prefer the live experience. 

Even events –like conferences and large exhibitions can be held online now, but still many prefer to meet and network “face to face” – even if it is “mask to mask”!  Having said that let’s take a look at 4 ways Motor dealers can build their business in 2021…

  1. A bit of both will build your business.

In the case of most businesses (and we believe the Motor dealer industry is no different), there is a lot to be said for providing a hybrid service – thereby pleasing most of the people most of the time.  Build on your online business and marketing but ensure that when it comes down to the point of live contact your dealership looks as good as the pictures – and better.

  1. Great service will always be king

Whether on or offline, and whether you are a small car dealership or a large manufacturer with dealerships, customer service will always be king.  In an industry that has traditionally been very price-driven, this cannot be emphasized enough. 

Work with experienced online professionals when it comes to improving CRM.  Great systems can be installed and managed by the right people. 

  1. Maintain the lessons learned from 2020

Something vital is that once we return to a more normal in-person scenario that we don’t forget the benefits of what has been gained through the necessity of having to adapt our businesses. Consider what served your business well and improved it – and hang onto these things. 

  1. Fall into line with outsourcing trends

As with many other industries, the Motor industry has learned that significant benefits and savings can be made from outsourcing services to streamline permanent employee costs.  A favourite is the sourcing of Virtual Assistants who are already well versed in all the important aspects of operating online.

Virtually assisting the motor industry

V-Assist offer not only expert administrative services but Motor dealers will be surprised to learn of the wide range of services they can either carry out or source. 

Contact us to learn about how we become your “one-stop-shop for” all your outsourced servicing needs and why we are empathically one of the prime ways Motor dealers can build their business in 2021!


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