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3 reasons to make a marketing shift to influencers

We spoke in a recent article about the great power of Influencers, those people with a huge following on the internet who can greatly influence your branding through their established audiences. Incredulously, many businesses run Digital and Social Media marketing campaigns without ever including this very important area of maximising brand awareness.

For those who are not convinced – here are 3 reasons to make a marketing shift to influencers…

  1. They have a loyal customer base who believe in what they say


  1. They achieve far higher engagement than most ordinary SM marketing campaigns


  1. They generally prefer to working with good brands they believe in and not simply touting everything in creation. Good Influencers do have some integrity as to whom they support and therefore are trusted by their audience.

Make a seamless transition with Virtual Assistance

In any area of business that involves expertise in the virtual realm, you cannot do better than to outsource the assistance of a good Virtual Assistant company like V-Assist. Our motto is ‘It’s about time,’’ because we know that your time (and the time you pay for) is all about minimising costs to obtain the best R.O.I.

Contact us to learn how we can assist you to make a marketing shift to Influencers – and about the wide range of additional services we can offer to ensure that your brand always stands above the rest in the virtual space!

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