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About Us

Core Values

  • We honor the ability, diversity and creativity of our team of virtual assistants and the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of our virtual assistants and customers, and treat one another with respect.

  • We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a company, striving to earn enduring credibility with others, for long-term personal and business relationships.

  • We encourage lifelong learning to keep up with trends and personal development in all our communication.

  • We strive to develop and become leaders to our fellow virtual assistants thereby leading our clients to new opportunities.


Our Vision

  • Build Trust with our clients to free them up to do the things they are good at

  • Grow the V-Assist team to encompass most industries in multiple countries and languages

  • Have a team of Professional VA’s who are trustworthy, efficient and honest to look after our valued clients.

  • To be seen as the “go-to” company through our work Ethic, high standards and integrity


Our Mission

  • V-Assist empowers our team and clients through our integrity and efficiency, staying honest and ethical

  • V-Assist enables the growth of our team into a formidable group of Virtual Assistants

  • V-Assist grows our clients and teams through ongoing education and success

Our team

Meet The Rockstar VA's

Morne Roeloffze

Owner | Transcriber | Keeper of the peace

 International Clearing and Forwarding, Logistics, Customs and Excise Brokerage


The Present

 Specialised Legal and Corporate Transcribing including Arbitration, CCMA, Board Meetings and anything audio.  I put spoken words onto paper getting justice for the unjust.


 I have 27 years plus of experience in the Import and Export industry where I specialised in customs and excise document and administrations.  During this period, I gained experience in international trade relations regarding commerce and commercial activities.  

 Today I apply the experience, discipline, and attention to detail that I gained in this industry in my day-to-day business as a Legal Transcriber.  

 Other skills are Information Technology, Transcribing, Bookkeeping, General Administration and Project Management

Challenges 2020 & COVID

 Not going bonkers. 

 Yes, that is actually a challenge and seen now as a skill in 2021.

 2020 taught me to be patient, take every day as a blessing and be grateful for the people in my life that are all healthy.  

Fun Facts

 One day when I win the Lotto the first thing, I will buy is a chocolate factory. 

 A day without a bar of chocolate keeps the doctor away….

 I enjoy fiddling with computers and listening to courtroom drama.  

Describing Morne...

 Let’s get the job done …


Juanita Nieuwoudt

Owner | VA | Transcriber | Creative Brain

 Corporate background and Call Centre Manager, Project Management and implementation, Events and Hotel Industry.


The Present

 Joined Jutta’s team 3 years ago and learned that the phrase “wearing many hats” is actually a “title”.


 I applied my years of experience in Eventing, Management, Call Centres, Project Planning, and Implementation in the tasks I took on for a variety of clients as a VA and in the process, I have found myself learning a whole bunch of new skills. Of which transcribing is one.

 Some of the many hats I am wearing in the team consists of general administration work i.e., invoicing, quotes, data capturing, update, and upload of information on client’s websites, Social Media Management for some clients, Mailchimp, Designing of Newsletters / Adds/Brochures, Social Media posts etc. Lately, I have been more focused on building the transcribing leg of our business and have been doing work for Inlexso and private firms, subcontracting with other transcribers and my latest acquired skill is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Transcribing.

Challenges 2020 & COVID

 2020 was my most difficult year ever.  Personally, I had to cope with the love of my life going through health issues and I had to learn how to be patient, work the government system in a state hospital and be more appreciative of having a medical when you can afford one.

Fun Facts

 In a perfect world I would LOVE to live in CANVA and just do designing work

I love Fish Paste and Apricot Jam on toast.

Describing Juanita...

 An invaluable support for you and or your business, from a person you trust, but may not  have met face to face.


Cathryn Heathfield

VA | Admin Wiz

Medical research administration, outreach programs, branding, pet care, business coaching, office administration, data collection

The Present

 I joined the V-Assist team in 2020 and have never been happier.   The best thing about being a virtual assistant is relieving business owners of their time-consuming admin tasks, allowing them to focus on their business and family.


 I have a wide range of skills including data capturing, database management, CRM management, development of standard operating procedures, HR assistance, dictation, formatting of documents (Word or Excel), customer services, diary, and email management and many more. 

 I have a very strong background in data collection, collaboration, and reporting. I also have excellent language skills, both in its written and spoken form.

My happy place is when I am given a complicated or multi-faceted project which incorporates both my love of data and language.

Challenges 2020 & COVID

 2020 was the year I started my journey with V-Assist. Although it was tough, it was also a year of discovery, planning, self-improvement, and opportunity. When I look back, I don’t see challenges and setbacks (although there were plenty), I see a time of creativity, endurance, and growth.

Fun Facts

 I LOVE Pugs, anything Pugs.  I love banana bread but hate bananas.  

 True fact, I danced for the Queen of England and Hugh Grant in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Describing Cathryn...

 I bring order to chaos as well as insight and experience. Often described as a breath of fresh air due to my cheerful demeanour, initiative, and eagerness to do what is needed to get the job done.


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is SUCCESS.